about us

We’re glad you clicked the “about us” page. There is so much we want to communicate as a brand.

What is Colorist Factory? A normal sales copy answer would say something like ” Colorist Factory is about redefining color grading blah blah… “. But let’s be honest, that’s just some industry jargon BS.

So, what are we?

There’s been a lot of buzz around the term “color grading”. Especially “Color grading LUTs” and other terms like “Cinematic LUTs”. Now and then a lot of propositions are made for selling LUTs in the name of “cinematic color grading”. We are here to put an end to all of it.

Let’s face it. A bunch of “cinematic” presets aren’t going to make you the best colorist overnight let alone improve your color grading. What is going to make you better at color grading is constant practicing, the right mindset with some guidance. Enter: Colorist Factory. A name dedicated to putting out a clear value in terms of knowledge and right tools. 

But you guys sell LUTs too! How can you sell something yourself and warn others not to buy such stuff?

Yes. We do sell LUTs. But trust us, we wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t helping with our end goal. We’ve broken down how LUTs work. We’ve spent countless hours understanding how light reacts to different camera sensors. We’ve analyzed the ratio of highlights, mid-tone, and shadow throughout thousands of images. And we’ve built something on concrete data and patterns that is going to help you to achieve your look in minutes rather than hours.

Who are we aiming at? We are aiming at creatives, content creators, indie filmmakers, and solo filmmakers who genuinely want to enhance their storytelling skills with the power of color. We’re aiming at everyone who isn’t a part of the “High budget production” gang yet (those guys can afford big Color Grading agencies). We’re aiming at everyone who’s at ground zero and our only intention is to help such unique filmmakers level up their production value and stand out from the crowd.

So if you’ve bought our pack or downloaded a free one, welcome to the squad!