Decoding cinematics : Atomic Blonde look

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Looking to recreate a Hollywood-level action sequence in you next short? Need help with finalizing color grade? We’ve got you covered with our “Detroit” LUT. Detroit LUT helps you get a super cinematic and moody color grade. The LUT is inspired by a 2017 Hollywood blockbuster “Atomic Blonde”. Take a look at it & we’ll see how to recreate this look in Premiere Pro.

Why premiere pro? We are aiming at premiere pro users as of right now. Reason being, we want to help people avoid a long round trip for color grading via Davinci Resolve. And secondly, we realize how not all filmmakers are here to grade and create cinematic visuals, some are here to tell a story and want to stick to premiere pro for ease of storytelling. And we are aiming at such creative professionals. 

How to get the Atomic Blonde cinematic look ? After importing a freshly color corrected REC709 footage (or a simple footage captured in normal profile by your camera, if you’re a beginner) onto the timeline. Just go ahead in Lumetri Panel > Creative > Browse and look for “Detroit.cube”. Select that and click okay. The results are gonna look something like this.

In case after applying the LUT your skin tones look weird, we’ve made a really short video on how to fix skin tones in premiere pro under 3 mins! [VIDEO LINK] after fixing the skin tones you have finally accomplished a blockbuster look! This is how the final results will look like.

We hope Colorist Factory LUTs helped you get the look you were looking for in your next project! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more fresh cinematic color inspiration @colorist.factory. Also we’ve started a cool project of making a tutorial on utilizing each and every LUT we give in our packs! So make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!  


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