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How we recreated The Batman 2020 Trailer Color Grade using a free LUT

As the new trailer for the new Batman 2020 is creating a fresh wave of buzz, we’ve been receiving a ton of enquiries for a tutorial on recreating a similar grade inside Premiere Pro.

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Cinematic Monochrome Color Grade using free Film Emulation LUT [Download]

On trying to break down a popular Monochrome look from the film “Inside Llewyn Davis”, we understand that Peter Doyle, …

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Teal and Orange look inside Adobe Premiere Pro without LUTs

The teal and orange look has been one of the most popular looks used in Hollywood. This is because teal and orange are complementary colors,.

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Recreating Kodak 2383 Print Film Emulation LUT in Premiere Pro

One of the most commonly used print film emulations in Hollywood is Kodak 2383. It’s a legendary stock that was …

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Can you re-create Tenet Color Grading using a Free LUT? ( Free Download )

Here is an attempt to bring the powerful “Tenet” look to your average camera footage. For this “look” we are using the “Waithe” look from our sunlight category.

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Way Better Way To Use LUTs In Premiere Pro 2020

We are gonna talk about best practices about how to apply LUT in premiere pro to make the process easier, faster and efficient (while maintaining image quality) and not that intimidating as you might have heard from folks around.

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What are LUTS? The Definitive Guide To LUTS In 2020

Color Grading not only transforms your film but also essentially defines it. It defines the very mood of your story …

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Color Breakdown: James Bond 2020 color grading (with free LUTS)

When it comes to visual aesthetics like color grading and set designs, recent bond movies have been a complete game …

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The Witcher Color Grading in Premiere Pro

Cracking the Witcher’s Color Grading in Premiere Pro with free Cinematic LUTS presets

Color grading has been a crucial aspect of the Witcher series. The deep shadows hints the dark cinematic world of …

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Download our Free Digital Remaster 4K Anamorphic Lens Flares Pack

Colorist Factory has bundled 9 – 4K Anamorphic Lens Flares. Remastered for digital videos and motion graphics projects.

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Recreating End of the Fu*king World Film look WITH FREE LUTS

We worked around to break down the look into standard repeatable process, requiring us to experiment on different elements of…

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How we recreated Joker’s cinematic look with our free LUTs

If you’re wondering how to get the Joker look in premiere pro, we’ve got you covered with our Joker LUT ( Bellart LUT & Blakehope LUT actually)

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Decoding cinematics : Atomic Blonde look

Looking to recreate a Hollywood-level action sequence in you next short? Need help with finalizing color grade? We’ve got you …

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QUICK skin tones fix for Premiere Pro users

No matter what look you’re after, skin tones are a crucial area of any color grade. Specially when you are …

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How to get Peaky Blinders cinematic look in Premiere Pro

Alright, you saw Peaky Blinders recently and you fell in love with the series. But what also impressed you was …

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Future of video presets A.K.A LUTs

Learn about these Brand new LUTs Inspired by brilliant works of new age filmmakers. Encoded using time-based algorithm, way ahead of traditional market LUTs/Filters.